Saturday marks 30 days before the November 4 midterm election, meaning that you need to act before October 4 to register to vote and be able to cast your ballot in this year’s election.

You can register to vote, check your status, and find more information at scvotes.org. If you’ve recently moved within Charleston County, it’s easy to update your information, but voting officials advise to do that as soon as possible.

South Carolina’s elections for major state office line up with the midterm election calendar in Congress. That means, at the ballot box in November, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for all the statewide constitutional offices: governor, lt. governor, secretary of state, treasurer, comptroller general, attorney general, state superintendent of education, commissioner of agriculture, and adjutant general. State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and Adjutant General Major General Bob Livingston are unopposed, but they’ll still appear on the ballot.

The November contest is unique this year because it’s one of the rare times when both U.S. Senate seats will be up for re-election. The balance of power in the Senate remains contested nationwide, but according to most recent polling, Republican incumbents Graham and Scott look to have a leg up against their challengers.

New state voter ID rules will be in effect again this year, so you’ll need a state-issued photo ID card to cast a normal ballot. But if you don’t have the proper identification on hand, you can always cast a provisional ballot that will require you to show your ID at the election commission before your vote is certified.

Register to vote and take a look at your sample ballot at scvotes.org.