Thanks to WALK Gallery (Window Art Local Knowledge), a public art project started in April 2009, some of downtown’s empty storefronts were recently turned into virtual art galleries.

A few creative minds (Rena Lasch, Max Miller, Christina Bailey, and Casey Cohoon) founded WALK, which put local artists to work filling up our ever-expanding inventory of vacant windows on King Street with their work.

If you’re artist, own an art gallery, collect art, or even if you just appreciate art, the WALK Gallery, along with Artist Publica, invites you to join them at an Art Meet to network and brainstorm ideas to improve this project.

The meet will be on Tues. July 28 at Taco Boy, 217 Huger St. downtown. Starting at 6 p.m., the night promises to be filled with food, fun, and good conversation.