[image-1] A walking stick owned by abolitionist and speaker Frederick Douglass was recently acquired by the South Carolina State Museum. The cane, according to the museum, was presented to Douglass in Charleston during a speaking tour of South Carolina and Georgia in 1888.

“Adding this one-of-a-kind piece to our collection will help us continue to tell the wonderful stories of South Carolina for years to come,” JoAnn Zeise, cultural history curator, says.

While in the state, Douglass delivered his “Self-Made Men” and “European Travels” addresses at Mount Zion church. The Douglass Light Infantry, a militia unit primarily composed of formerly enslaved African-American men, presented the abolitionist with the walking stick, engraved with Douglass’ name and date.

The State Museum is currently closed because of the pandemic, but the cane will be on display in the gallery on Reconstruction once the museum reopens, says public relations manager Jared Glover.