Wando High School sociology teacher Christopher Poston has submitted a letter of resignation to the Charleston County Schools Superintendent Nancy McGinley. In the letter, Poston indicates that Tues. March 20 will be his last day.

Frankly, I’m shocked. I mean, just last week Poston submitted his appeal in which his lawyer compared the embattled teacher to MLK, JFK, and Thomas Jefferson — seemingly indicating that the Wando teacher was not going to go down without a fight.

The attorney’s letter also revealed a slightly different version of the Jackass No. 2 classroom screening than the one presented in the police report shortly after the incident took place. The letter also indicated that the class may have watched a scene in Jackass No. 2 that takes place immediately after the infamous dick in a sock scene with Party Boy Chris Pontius and a terrified snake.

Shortly after the Poston story broke, some of the teacher’s fans at Wando vowed to beat the student who complained that Poston had shown a sexually explicit video to minors.

Here’s what Poston reportedly said in his resignation letter. (The PDF of the letter is below.)

I hereby tender my resignation as a teacher in the Charleston County School District, effective [March 20, 2012] My resignation is tendered in part to protect my family and the students who have expressed such kind words about me after this event, students that may be harmed by their continued support of me.

I have much to be thankful for this great opportunity I’ve had over the last several years to work with and teach the great students of Charleston County. I always gave my best effort
and always made myself available to students in need. Although I have regrets concerning my
showing of that film several weeks ago, l remain confident that what l did in the classroom over
the years truly helped students and young adults with their educational experience and on
some occasions, I believed I helped them become more responsible and engaged citizens.

There can never be a doubt that l truly cared and do care about my students.

I thank you for allowing me an opportunity to teach in Charleston.