Wando Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Band Concert
Wando Performing Arts Center
April 16

The Wando Performing Arts Center was built to house upwards of 800 people, and on Friday evening, nearly every seat was filled for Wando’s Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Band concert.

I arrived about five minutes before the show started and had to take a spot on the floor near the stage in order to see, but it was well for the mild discomfort.

The music ranged from classical songs to African drum pieces to modern steel drum pieces. There were a few guests appearances from professionals and not-so-professionals throughout the night.

Wando used the event to demonstrate the talent it has to offer through the music and light shows. I was blown away by the talent displayed on stage. A military-style, drum line-like performance with glow-in-the-dark drumsticks was impressive. The boys involved in the performance practiced long and hard to make sure every stick movement was precise, accurate, and just like everyone else. This showed as the fluorescent yellow sticks moved in near perfect synchronicity in the pitch black auditorium.

Guest appearances included opera singer Dr. Jill Lewis, Latin singer Leah Suarez, and the Adande Drum and Dance Company, who accompanied the dance classes and percussion ensemble in their final song. They had 30 percussionists and 60 dancers on stage at once. It was a strong performance, but some of the dancers weren’t exactly on time. It was a great big bang for an ending.