[image-1]Southern Charm playboy Thomas Ravenel really does have it all. A television show, an attractive group of friends, and, as Dustin Waters has so eloquently described, an incredible pair of khakis. Who wouldn’t want that life, right? Well now, for a cool $2,795,000, you can have it.

Ravenel’s 89 Beaufain St. abode just hit the market and according to his listing agent it’s already attracting interested buyers.

The 6,222-square-foot property went on the market yesterday and boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a wine cellar, two piazzas, and an outdoor cabana with multiple water features. And even if you have mixed feelings about the home’s previous owner, everybody loves a good water feature.
[image-3] If you think the property sounds familiar, you may be correct. Even if you’ve never seen Southern Charm, you may have toured the home. In 2011, the late neoclassical property was selected as Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s Designer Showhouse.

According to the listing, the home is rated a category 1 in the National Historic Register and was originally built by William Steele, a “friend of Robert E. Lee.”

So whether you are a fan of Civil War generals, symphony showhouses, or embattled reality TV stars, this property has something for everyone. [image-2] [image-4]