Three of the Lowcountry’s high-profile consultants have formed a new organization challenging Republicans on the right-wing rhetoric that is, pardon the pun, all the rage right now.

Lachlan McIntosh and Tyler Jones have worked on statewide and local Democratic campaigns. Brian Barrie created the political parody site Now, they’re all working together on S.C. Forward Progress, a new group that will be highlighting those GOP presidential hopefuls neck deep in the batshit.

Their first foray involved a Tax Day rally at the Statehouse, interviewing people crazy enough to believe that nice young man with the camera isn’t there to make fun of them.

McIntosh promises more videos and other efforts to highlight the extreme rhetoric that may work in South Carolina, but won’t sit well on a national stage. Forward Progress is going to have to be creative to capture national attention, but McIntosh notes, “Sadly, we do have a lot of easy targets.”