Paul Cristina and Chechel Justiss have officially joined the roster of artists featured in Charleston Arts Festival’s Create, Erase, Repeat video series. Cristina and Justiss join artist Connor Lock in creating and presenting their artwork on a simple whiteboard, only to erase it upon completion. In anticipation of this this inaugural fest, CAF has posted two new videos of the artists in action.

Using just a marker and the palms of his bare hands, Cristina fantastically captures the human face, mirroring his many portraits which hold the same surreal stare. From start to finish, the process looks grueling but, in the end, art wins out and the human form appears. 

Justiss, on the other hand, is seen hauling a massive whiteboard to her work space. She notes that she always draws on her biggest inspiration, schools of fish and their orderly marine environment. With painstaking effort and precision, she is able to create an entire underwater labyrinth that dazzles the eye. The beauty of the natural world is translated perfectly to the whiteboard.

Keep an eye out for videos of Karen Ann Myers and Nic Jenkins to be released soon.

The festival will last a whole four days, from Oct. 5-9, and will include a series of 6 minute and 40 second lectures, visual art presentations, and even culinary art. For more information, click here

Create | Erase | Repeat featuring Paul Cristina from Stu & Drew on Vimeo.

Create | Erase | Repeat – Featuring Chechel Justiss from Stu & Drew on Vimeo.

Create | Erase | Repeat – Featuring Connor Lock from Stu & Drew on Vimeo.