If you follow local group Ranky Tanky on social media, you’ll know that the band has spent the past couple of weeks bringing the Gullah gospel to Europe. Just today guitarist/vocalist Clay Ross filmed the group’s van crossing over the border from Denmark to Sweden with a view of the Baltic Sea.

Earlier this week, the crew rode horses before their performance in the Czech Republic, where, later on, their music would inspire a festival crowd of Czechs to shout in unison, “shoo lie loo,” which is the title of an old Gullah song.

Czech it out:

“We use a little tune at the end of our set called Shoo Lie Loo,” trumpeter/vocalist Charlton Singleton writes to the City Paper. “It’s kind of a call-and-response tune. That Czech crowd was great. There was a part of them — older — that sat down but were literally on the edge of their seats for every note and lyric. Then there was the slightly younger crowd that danced on the side throughout. At the end of the night those younger ones took over the front of the stage, and that was the scene that you see!!”

The band has also played the Edinburgh Jazz Festival in Scotland, the favorite show so far of drummer Calvin Baxter (sitting in for his uncle, Ranky Tanky member Quentin Baxter), and they’re headed to the Sommarscen Festival in Malmo, Sweden tonight. By the weekend they’ll wrap up the Euro tour in Austria before hitting the Telluride Jazz Festival the following weekend.

Ranky Tanky doesn’t stop there: They’ll be everywhere from the Philadelphia Folk Festival in August to the Monterey Jazz Festival in September to New York City’s Lincoln Center for a three-night-stand in November. Catch ’em if you can, y’all. And if you can’t, you’ll want to follow them on Instagram here.