Monday night’s CPMA celebration at the Pour House was our best one yet thanks to nearly every winning act (and then some) taking to the stage for six-and-a-half hours of inspired performances.


From the deck shows with Travelin’ Kine and Dallas Baker & Friends to the main stage performances — Charlton Singleton & Friends, She Returns From War (feat. members of Brave Baby, including Producer of the Year Wolfgang Zimmerman), Little Stranger, Ben Fagan & the Holy City Hooligans, Jump Castle Riot, SUSTO, Stop Light Observations, Godwin Falcon, and Dangermuffin — we bore witness to the rich, diverse, and talented scene we are fortunate enough to enjoy in the Holy City.


The night closed with a superjam — and to describe it as such now seems like an understatement. Organized by Dead 27s drummer Daniel Crider, the blowout consisted of local-artist combos the city has not seen before, including a performance combining members of Stop Light Observations, Dangermuffin, Ben Fagan & the Holy City Hooligans, Dead 27s, and Human Resources and another with members of Ben Fagan & the Holy City Hooligans, Jump Castle Riot, Little Stranger, and Dangermuffin teaming up with a series of emcees — Little Stranger’s Kevin Shields, Damn Skippy, Alex Middleton, Matty Slonim, and Parker G — for an unforgettable freestyling feast.

In the final performance, the Band’s “The Weight (Take a Load Off Annie)” got a stellar, everything-but-the-kitchen sink treatment from members of Stop Light Observations, Travelin’ Kine, Little Stranger, Dallas Baker & Friends, and the Dead 27s.

We appreciate all the love, y’all. We hope you enjoy these shots and videos from the night, courtesy of local photographer Jerry Mindel.