North Charleston hip-hop trio Savage Souls released a new video today for the track, “Nightmares,” off their most recent record, Sword Gang. The group has now made a video for each of the collection’s five songs, including “Mad Men,” “Beyond Average,” and “Colossus.”

“Nightmares” is the last video in what the group calls the Sword Gang Trilogy. Last year’s “Mad Men” featured a nurse, played by Kristy Bunch, who murdered a series of mental hospital employees before releasing Savage Souls from an insane asylum. Earlier this year, “Beyond Average” picked up, in comic book form, where “Mad Men” left off, though the video finishes with the guys performing at their own Red Jesus Studios.

“‘Nightmares’ picks up, sort of, from there,” Kae G says. “Kristy Bunch [the nurse from “Mad Men”] tosses and turns in bed, and we flash to her nightmare — she is being chased and stalked through the woods by Savage Souls.”

We won’t divulge all the details, but in the end, she wakes up. “So it was all a dream, or was it?” Kae G says. “Basically, it’s ‘Thriller’ with a little bit of Last House on the Left instead of zombies.”

“Nightmares” was produced by Jennifer Da Pirateninja. Alex Veazey, a.k.a. emcee Damn Skippy, shot and co-directed the video for his company Chop Media, while Kae G co-directed and edited for his video production business, Seven30 — the two released the video jointly as Chop30 Media. Veazey also makes a cameo in the final moments of “Nightmares.”

Next up, the gang will release the long-anticipated EP Invasion. Until then, join Savage Souls in the woods for “Nightmares,” below.