Here’s the Wrap:

• Worried about the boyfriend of yours that just loves Kelly Clarkson? Check the whorl.

• Julia Roberts has baby No. 3. It seems the Well of Odd Hollywood Baby Names has run dry, as Roberts settles for Henry.

• Here’s today’s submissions for replacement slogans for the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner.

— “We Have A Lot of Heavy Lifting To Do” and “Many, Many Challenges” submitted by Gen. David Patraeus

— “Disappointed By the Progress” submitted by Defense Secretary Robert Gates

— “A Big Disappointment” submitted by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

• Couple avoiding jail time for tax evasion are armed and refusing to leave their compound. If there’s one thing that Alberto Gonzales doesn’t need, it’s a Janet Reno style diversion.

• Why am I confident that the legislature can agree on a budget this week? Here’s why:

If South Carolina lawmakers can’t agree on a state budget in the coming week, state workers would see less money in their paychecks and public college students could see double-digit tuition hikes. Income and grocery taxes will not be cut. Old school buses will not be replaced.