Haven’t seen the five finalists for the City Paper Music Award Video of the Year? We got you. Check out these five fly music videos released this year by local artists, all conveniently in one place for your viewing pleasure.

“Where I’m From” by Lil Rawdo

This nomination was the City Paper’s introduction to local hip-hop artist Lil Rawdo, and a melodic one it was. Shot by Cray Vizion, “Where I’m From” features scenes from Charleston’s West Side and was release back in March of this year. Lil Rawdo if you’re reading this, please keep us posted on what’s next for you!

“Hand on my Heartache” by Jump, Little Children

Jump, Little Children are officially back in business with brilliant new songs to boot, like their first single in a decade, “Hand on My Heartache,” off of Sparrow (out Sept. 14). The climate change anthem was written by frontman Jay Clifford, while the video was produced by Jake Sinclair and Josh Kaler.

“Lady in the Stars” by Kozelski

Kozelski’s “Lady in the Stars” was written with this in mind: there must be a woman in space with all of life’s answers. That’s where creative monsters The Business Company came in, giving the video the sci-fi treatment, complete with scenes from Bowman’s UFO Welcome Center. The Business Company’s Kevin Hanley brought in visionary assistance for the first time ever, with Cara Persona writing the story, conjuring up the costumes, art directing, and creating the set. Oh and she stars in the video too in five badass forms — she’s every chick you see in what is a miniature film as well as a music video.

“Take Me Away” by Katie Rose

Katie Rose should be a familiar name to you local music aficionados. Her video for her hooky-heavy pop track “Take Me Away” (off Everything Yesterday) has a vintage home video feel to it, featuring scenes from a park, a moving car, and an ice cream parlor, and the beach. It was directed and edited by Taylor Carnie and released in August of this year.

“Weighing on my Mind” by the High Divers

The High Divers released their first official music video this year: “Weighing on my Mind.” One gorgeous shot to the next, the video takes viewers on a visually enthralling journey everywhere from the cliffs of California and downtown Las Vegas to the cacti-filled Arizona desert and white sands of New Mexico. When the High Divers tour, they tour right, stopping at a state or national park every chance they get and documenting the lot themselves. Follow them on Instagram and you’ll get a feel for what these beautiful United States have to offer — plus there’s plenty of shots of the band’s adorable mascot and traveling companion, Nora — but we digress. Check out this incredible song and video now, above.

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