Every woman who has worn high heels has had to make a mad dash somewhere at some point – whether it’s chasing down your dog or rushing to make that important dinner. Then there are those people who will sprint 100 yards in stilettos for $2,500 in cash and a $2,500 gift certificate to Gwynn’s. And that includes men. Gwynn’s presents the second annual Stiletto Stampede to benefit the MUSC Children’s Hospital, a race where you can test your mettle against other competitors.

Just who is the queen (or king) of stilettos? Last year, Greg Orsimari was. Then again, his heels weren’t exactly stilettos; one of his shoes, which were taped to his feet, was literally hanging by a thread. He probably thought that’s how they’re supposed to be worn, though. To ease any  controversy for this year’s race, new rules have been added. First, the shoes actually have to be stilettos. They have to be at a minimum of three inches; they have to have a slim, tapered heel; no wedge; and the pump can’t go past the ankle. Gwynn’s will be measuring at the registration tent the day before the race. Also, you can’t tape the shoes. Also new this year: Two separate races, one for women and one for men. Following the races will be an award ceremony and costume competition, where participants will strut their stuff for a chance to win $1,000 in cash. Do you have the guts – or the balance?