[image-1] If you’re headed to Wine + Food’s Culinary Village this weekend (open Fri.-Sun., 12-5 p.m.), you’re going to want to be prepared. You’ve gotta get the bang for those bucks, after all. We swung by the village this morning to get the lay of the wine-soaked land. Here are our top five survival tips:


There are water coolers everywhere filled to the brim with bottled still and sparkling water. While we love a reusable water bottle as much as the next person, there are no filling stations, so these plastic bottles are your best bet. Hydrate often. Hell, pour the sparkling water in your wine glass, make it festive.

Wear shoes that can get muddy

It’s muddy out here Marion Square. So, ya know, dress accordingly.

Stop by the podcast studio

Is it a chance to rest your feet? Set your tiny bamboo plate down? Sure. But it’s also a rare opportunity to hear from the people behind-the-scenes of this world-renowned festival.


While food and drink vendors will change out throughout the weekend, there will always be a chance to grab a cup of joe (or tea if that’s your thing). In the same way that hydration is key, for a long day, a little bit of espresso goes a long way.

Utilize hand sanitizer

Because, germs. (There’s a big one going around right now, in case you hadn’t heard).

Have fun, be safe, and call a ride if you’ve had too much fun.