[image-1]A ruptured water main at the corner of Rutledge and Beaufain streets downtown have unearthed bones, according to Charleston police and sources on the scene.

Kan Oberoi, director of water distribution with Charleston Water System, says that a 12-inch water main burst, spilling hundreds of gallons of water into the roadway. He says that such breaks are not abnormal and can occur at any time. Crews must work carefully to dig down into the street and repair the break.
[image-2] According to Oberoi, the water outage will affect around 25 homes in the vicinity of the broken main and service should be restored in approximately four hours.

Oberoi said that crews responded to the scene to find bones pushed to the surface of the street. The remains were quickly recovered by the Charleston Police Department to be examined by the County Coroner’s Office which will determine if the bones are human or animal.