1. Harleston Village

Between views of Colonial Lake and a quick walk to campus, Harleston Village is indeed the talk of the town when it comes to downtown neighborhoods. Nestled in between beautiful family homes (hello dog walking gigs) and one of the city’s best iced coffee shops (here’s looking at you Queen Street Grocery), the jaunts around your ‘hood will never not be Instagram-worthy.

2. Radcliffeborough

Densely populated with students, from both the College and MUSC, Radcliffeborough is home to apartments aplenty (you’ll likely find old Charleston homes divided into multiple rooms-for-rent too). While the house party availability is high, the noise level can be too. But hey, you’re young. Our favorite part about this neighborhood is Persimmon Cafe, located in a laundromat. Serving up gourmet sandwiches, iced coffee, and wifi, this place is the best way to wait for your undies to dry.

3. Cannonborough/Elliotborough

Another college and MUSC-packed neighborhood, Cannonborough/Elliotborough is hip with it, slowly expanding its food offerings every year, because let’s be real that’s what we’re here for. If you’re renting in this part of town you can grab real good eats from Hominy Grill, Xiao Bao Biscuit, and D’Allesandro’s Pizza. Or all three, we’re not judging. This is also a quick walk to Upper King Street, where you’ll find the most happening nightlife in town.

4. Ansonborough

Get your history on while walking the streets of Ansonborough, a neighborhood more family-oriented than college student friendly. That doesn’t mean you can’t still stroll through this part of town — make your way to the S.C. Aquarium for a tour (or just the waterfront view), then fuel up at hotspot eateries like 167 Raw and Cru Cafe.

5. Mazyck-Wraggborough

You likely won’t live in Mazyck-Wraggborough if you’re a college student, but if you do, please invite us over. This historic neighborhood was founded in the 18th century after John Wragg inherited 79 acres from his father, Joseph Wragg. The Wragg legacy endures, clearly, and our favorite way to celebrate it is with a picnic in tree-lined Wragg Square. If you’re looking to get a history fix, be sure to check out downtown’s Museum Mile, with spots like the Charleston Museum and the Gaillard Center conveniently located throughout this neighborhood.

6. Eastside

With less student housing than some of its counterparts, the Eastside is still worth looking into, with some cheaper prices cropping up in this area. Like most of Charleston, the Eastside is “growing” a.k.a. gentrifying, so expect a lot of development and home renovations. If you’re bopping around this part of town be sure to swing by the the Commodore for local, live music. Mash Bar at the Cigar Factory is a dark little spot that serves up fancy drinks and delicious bar snacks and Rappahanock Oyster Bar nearby is great for a fancy night out on the town.

7. Westside

If you know where the Eastside is, well, then you can pinpoint the Westside, kind of. Across town from the Cooper River, the Westside is home to the RiverDogs’ stadium and a high-end new apartment complex, The Caroline — we’ll let you decide which of those factors draws you there. And yes, this part of town is by the Ashley River, which becomes glaringly apparent on rainy days. Or at high tide. Or just in general. Note: bring galoshes no matter where you live in CHS, you’ll need them.

8. North Central

North Central is part of a growing brewery district, which is usually a sign of more development heading up the peninsula. Whether you’re 21 or not, this is still a fun place to hang out — and where you’ll find plenty of housing — even if just for the eats. On Huger Street alone there’s a strip that has pizza at Renzo, sammies at North Central Delicatessen, and acai bowls at Huriyali.

9. Hampton Park Terrace

Oh, to live near Hampton Park. The park itself is huge and beautiful, and perfect for a picnic, impromptu yoga class, or just watching the joys of nature. Still close enough to the college and MUSC, you can bike to work or school (or just walk to the Citadel if you want to meet some cadets). Get good grub from nearby spots like Harold’s Cabin, The Park Cafe, and Uneeda Sicilian.

10. Wagener Terrace

Home to many great family homes, Wagener Terrace is a good #housegoals place to hunt for your future spot in Charleston — you are staying here after college, right? A bikeable part of town, Wagener Terrace is close to group-friendly eatin’ spots like Rutledge Cab Co. and Santi’s, perfect places for a night out with friends.

11. South of Broad

You likely won’t be living South of Broad — unless you find a sweet deal on a carriage house behind an old Charleston manse. But you’ll definitely want to be familiar with this part of town, even if just for your social media posts. This is where you’ll find the iconic Rainbow Row, mansions galore, and the best view in town along the Battery.

12. King Street Historic District

If you live to live in the heart of town, King Street is the spot for you. Full to the brim with bars and restaurants — and plenty of shops — King Street is always bustling. And while it may be a bit noisy to live above one of the city’s most rambunctious streets, it’s definitely fun to fling open your window and wave at the passersby below. If King Street’s parking and driving situation scares you away (we don’t blame you) make sure you take advantage of Second Sundays, which take place every month and shut down all of King Street south of Calhoun.

13. NoMo/East Central

NoMo is an easy enough to remember name, mainly because it is pretty descriptive, meaning the northern end of Morrison Drive. This part of town is slowly growing and you can live high on the hog at 930 NoMo, a luxury apartment complex. Still a little industrial, NoMo is adding shops and restaurants as we speak. For all you music lovers, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Royal American, a hotspot for both local and visiting acts.