We don’t need no stinkin’ TV show to tell us that Sean Brock is the next great chef,  but our boy at McCrady’s went and took on a Food Network Challenge anyway.

 The Next Great Chef airs Sunday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. on the Food Network, and Brock competes against three other chefs for the title. The press release and the TV guide listing only says:

“Four young chefs on the verge of culinary greatness vie for the title of ‘The Next Great Chef.’ The chef who can deliver the complete package of creativity, ambition, and technique will win $10,000 and a career-making title.”

But we’ve tracked down at least one competitor. According to SFoodie, Executive Chef Jonnatan Leiva of the restaurant Jack Falstaff  will appear on Sunday night’s show too. His sensibilities seem similar to Brock’s:

As executive chef, Leiva lends his creative, yet discerning eye to the ever-changing menu inspired by numerous local farms, artisan and purveyors.

Leiva’s style focuses on clean, crisp, balanced flavors and keeping the purity and integrity of each ingredient. He utilizes modern techniques to create elements of surprise with classic combinations. He enjoys creating a balance of flavors & textures to each dish. Jonnatan’s main philosophy is this “Its all about having fun, eating amazing food & drinking great wines with friends!” 

We can only imagine that these guys hit it off.

A blog post over at Westword in Denver from last May mentions that there was a taping of The Next Great Chef that featured competitors:  Sean Brock, Chris Cheung, Jonathan Leiva, and Sue Zemanick.

Chris Cheung is the former exec. chef of Monkey Bar in NY and seems to currently be “exploring his options” according to an Aug. report in NY Mag.

Sue Zemanick is the head chef at Gautreau’s in New Orleans and was named a Food + Wine Best New Chef for 2008. 

They all seem like worthy competitors, but what can we say except that we assume Sean Brock kicked total ass. I wonder if he already spent the $10K?