[image-1] We Are Family will move out of the homeless resource center it helped open this past summer and into a stand-alone office in January.

The exact location of the new office will be revealed at a fundraiser for the LGBTQ youth organization next month, according to a press release sent Tuesday.

“We can’t wait to build on this recent progress as we open our own stand-alone location in North Charleston,” according to Nijeeah Richardson, who will take over as executive director in January.

Under the direction of outgoing executive director Melissa Moore, WAF found a permanent location at 529 Meeting St. on June 25, when it opened the “All of Us” daytime center in partnership with the City of Charleston and other local nonprofits.
[content-2]In September, less than three months after the center opened, the city transferred the lease for the Meeting Street facility to veterans group Military Community Connection, which took over day-to-day operations.
[content-1] “We don’t have the funding to work with adults and we didn’t have the partners who serve adult populations to come and help,” Moore told CP at the time.

Now, WAF is moving out of the building altogether.

“We Are Family will continue to provide referral and critical services to the youth in our community,” Richardson said in an email to CP. “This extends to youth experiencing homelessness, many of whom identify as LGBTQ+.”

The center has also been the site of a few crimes in its short existence.

On Sept. 20, an officer detained a man outside the center who was “throwing a rock-like object through a glass window door,” according to a Charleston Police Department incident report. The officer saw a total of eight broken glass doors and windows. The total estimated damage was $4,000.

On Nov. 2, officers responded to a burglary at the Closet Case Thrift Store, which is operated by WAF inside the Meeting Street building. Among the items strewn on the grass next to the building were an iPad register setup, a tool set, a flashlight, and paper gift certificates. Employees could not identify any other missing items.

Closet Case will stay open until Wed. Nov. 21 with discounted prices. Its hours are Tuesday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

A fundraiser for We Are Family will be held at NICO in Mt. Pleasant on Wed. Dec. 5 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.