[image-1] The Charleston chapter of We Are Family is working with the City of Charleston on opening a new downtown drop-in center and thrift store, and they need your help.

Founded in 1995, We Are Family is a resource for LQBTQI youth (aged 24 and under) that provides support, leadership development opportunities, and advocacy for these marginalized groups. Last March, they had a pop-up thrift store on Meeting Street, and now they hope to create a permanent version. The new center would provide a safe space for LGBTQI and straight ally youth experiencing unstable housing and/or food insecurity.

The group is asking for money, time, or materials to build the new center.

They need the following supplies for building and retrofitting the space:

Gift Cards for Lowes and Home Depot
6- Adult Toilets ($65 a piece)
3- Lavatory Sinks ($40 a piece)
4- Doors ($62 a piece)
10- Soap Dispensers ($15 a piece)
10- Paper Towel Holders ($10 a piece)
10- Toilet Paper Dispensers ($20 a piece)
2-Washing Machines ($450 a piece)
2- Clothing Dryers ($450 a piece)
5- Shower Head & Faucet ($89 a piece)
Lighting for Shower Area ($36)
40- Lockers ($560 per block of 18)
40- Benches ($125 a piece)
Ceramic Tile for Shower area (price TBD)
VCT Tile -200 sq feet ($155)
2-Water Heater 80 Gallon ($1200 a piece)
40- School Desks and Chairs ($2226 per 24)

For the thrift-store, they need: clothing racks, retail merchandise, display cases, and picture hangers.

You can help by donating either through their Facebook post or through their website.