This editor’s note originally appeared in our July 4, 2018 issue. I’m reposting it today as newspapers across the U.S. rally in support of our Constitutionally-granted free press:

The staff I get to work with every day probably isn’t much different than the people you work with. I mean, City Paper‘s office conversations may be a little more off the wall than most (today: a cartoon-themed burlesque act), but we sit in traffic, dread paying rent, and look forward to weekends on the beach just like the rest of Charleston.

That said, some still think me and my colleagues are sinister, alien creatures, that we spend our days conspiring with each other to deceive and mislead. Those misconceptions, with the help of media antagonism from the highest levels of government, came home to roost on June 28 in Annapolis, Maryland.

The fact is that most journalists I know love what they do because they want to help their communities be better places for everyone — lord knows it’s not the money. The Holy City is an increasingly complicated place in an increasingly complicated country, world, etc., and we want to tell those stories.

That’s not to say that we’re not above reproach.

We crave feedback from our friends, neighbors, and strangers. So please, keep it coming. After all, we live here too.