[image-1]Choreographer Amy O’Neal’s ‘Opposing Forces’ opens tonight at Memminger Auditorium. The hour-long dance show features the breakdancing we’re used to seeing with nuances contributed by O’Neal in a show to challenge everyday norms of gender, race, and class.

We got an early look at ‘Opposing Forces’ today, here’s how Connelly Hardaway previewed the highly-touted show, and check out the video below:

The performance, which ranges from fun moments of almost boy band-like group choreography, to darker moments of solo dancers standing among others lying on the ground, is both of the stage and the street. It has to be, for the B-Boys to be who they are, and to become what the show asks of them.

‘Opposing Forces’ opens tonight and runs through the 10th and choreographer Amy O’Neal will teach a master class on ‘Street Dance Styles’ on Saturday.