Me, Mike & Ike
The Tin Roof
Thurs. August 28

The day after the Jeff Sipe Trio’s Wednesday night show at the Pour House, the crew headed over to the Tin Roof to treat fans to an even more intimate gig with Hammond B-3 organ master Ike Stubblefield in tow.

Though Stubblefield was initially billed at the Tin Roof, there seemed to be some confusion as to who would show up with him. The Tin Roof’s marquee billing of “Me, Mike, & Ike” turned out to include Stubblefield on organ and Sipe on drums. Rounding out the trio was an impressive, 24-year-old guitar player named Mike Seal, who’s still in school for jazz guitar up in Knoxville.

The first set started out fiery with a 10-minute jazz groover propelled by Sipe’s powerful drumming. Seal stepped up confidently right from the start, taking his time building up the jams with strong runs of guitar licks. Stubblefield used a variety of organ techniques to keep a funky left-hand bass groove going while shading colorful chord textures on top.

The set continued with a couple of slower jazz numbers and a few funkier mid-tempo blues shuffles before concluding with a hot rendition of Miles Davis’ “Freedom Jazz Dance.”

The grooves got even hotter and more soulful in the second set when the band invited local guitarist Tyler Ross to sit in. The Allman Brothers-esque improvisation between Seal and Ross was the highlight of the night.