At this point in our lives, most of us have had our fair share of burgers. From thin, smashed patties to thick, brisket blends, we know what we like and we order it well. The trouble comes when we have to peruse the rest of the menu. So many decisions! Make it easier on yourself — and your ever-patient server — and use our handy dandy power rankings to choose which food or drink will make your burger that much better.

10. For the meat lover,
chicken wings.

Our pick: Pink Bellies

Yep, you read that right. Because when you’re really hungry, nothing goes better with an Animal Style burger than some dry fried wings. BRB, drooling.


9. For the brown water fan, Old Fashioned.
Our pick: Seanachai Whiskey and Cocktail Bar

While the fish and chips beckon, we must steer you to one of Seanachai’s burgers — either the signature or, if you’re really hungry the pimento bacon cheese. Order a bourbon old fashioned and pretend you’re having a nip in Dublin.

8. For the oenophile, a glass of Cab Sav.
Our pick: Zero Restaurant + Bar

It may seem like second nature to throw back a cold one with your meat patties, but why not class it up at Zero? We think the Royale with cheese deserves only the boldest bodied glass of Cab Sav (the restaurant has some great bottles from France’s Bordeaux region, FYI).

7. For the “texture person,” kettle cooked potato chips.
Our pick: Lowcountry Kettle
Potato Chips

A lot of places choose to serve chips instead of fries and we all know why — that crunch, baby. Keep it local and snack on Lowcountry Kettle chips at your next outdoor barbecue.

6. For the kids at heart, tater tots.
Our Pick: HöM

We don’t discriminate when it comes to tots. Seriously, give us all of ’em. But there’s something real special about HöM’s tots — you can get them “fancy” with parmesan and aioli or “crack” style with cheddar cheese, bacon ranch powder, and roasted garlic sour cream.


5. For the gal who just wants a cold one, a local IPA.
Our Pick: Poe’s Tavern

While the draft and bottle lists are always changing at local restaurants (it’s called keeping it fresh, folks), you can always count on a kickass collection of local beers at Poe’s. Recently we downed a Westbrook pint that paired perfectly with our big, juicy Goldbug.

4. For the pasta fiend, mac and cheese.
Our pick: Home Team BBQ

Home Team’s burger is a sleeper hit on a mostly barbecue menu. Pair the double patty delight with the restaurant’s renowned mac and cheese for a filling, damn good meal.

3. For the power luncher, martini.
Our pick: Gabrielle

Wash down your comeback sauce-slathered Gabrielle burger with the most classic of cocktails — the martini. However you take it, it goes just right with your meat.


2. For the sweet tooth, milkshake.
Our pick: Ms. Rose’s

There’s something nostalgic about slurping a milkshake while eating a really good burger. This is a power move we often forget about, but are so happy when we remember.

1. For anyone, fries.
Our pick: Cru Cafe

Y’all know fries are No. 1. There are so many great ones to choose from, we’d never claim a favorite. But one of our top choices is always gonna be the shoestring truffle parmesan fries from Cru. Do yourself a favor and go get some.