[embed-1] I love pickles. And I don’t mean in an “oh I’ll take a side of pickles with my chips and sandwich” kind of love. I mean an intense, mouth-puckering, gut-cleansing kind of love. I drink pickle juice straight out of the jar, and when I’m feeling formal I even pour that shit in a real-deal glass.

So when I heard Sonic was now peddling pickle juice slushes, I had to give it a go. I drove my car on empty in rush hour traffic to the Sonic on Folly Road for that lime green concoction, hoping to take it home and mix it with my vodka for a redneck martini. Part of me thought “hey, don’t get your hopes up about a $3 fad drink from a fast food drive-in” but 90 percent of me was completely invested in this pickle quest. Don’t meet your heroes (or try your favorite food in slush form), folks. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

The first sip was just what I wanted, or so I thought. It definitely was reminiscent of a vinegary, tart…something. Two, three sips in, my hopes started to fade. The Sonic Pickle Slush is a glorified Limeade erring far too bread and butter and not enough dill.

Sometimes a Sonic Slush with a mouth puckering pickle flavor is exactly what you crave when the the heat index reaches 106 degrees. And sometimes you should give into your cravings. But, dear sour/tart/vinegar lovers. Skip the Slush. Grab a martini instead.