[embed-1] After running 6.2 miles you may want one beer, or two, or a whole six pack. Whether you PR or take it nice and slow, Revelry Brewing Co. doesn’t care! They just want you to party it up at the brewery post race — everyone who wears their Revelry race shirt will get free booze Sat. April 6.

Today starting at noon, head to revelrybrewingco.com/shop and place an order for your 2019 “See You at the Finish” tee ($40). Designed by Revelry’s go-to dude Chris Kemp, the shirt is bright red (they won’t miss ya!) and features the classic running duo, the tortoise and the hare, clinking pint glasses.

The shirt is available in men’s and women’s sizes and can be picked up Thurs. April 4 at The Hold during Pub Fare night, and Fri. April 5 starting at noon at Revelry’s tasting room.