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State legislators adjourned the regular legislative session Thursday as required by law without changing the composition of the University of South Carolina board, passing a hate crimes law or closing the Charleston gun loophole. They did, however, approve bills to overhaul the state’s sex offender registry, ban lower pay for disabled workers, require minimum standards for police officers and more.

Lawmakers will be back next month to finish the state budget, look at other unfinished measures still stuck in compromise committees between the House and Senate, and consider any gubernatorial vetoes. More: Associated Press, ABC Columbia, WMBF News, WLTX, The State, The Post and Courier

In other headlines: 

Total lunar eclipse to be visible in S.C. Sunday night. People in South Carolina will be able to view a total lunar eclipse starting at about 11:30 p.m., May 15. Totality will last about 85 minutes.

Charleston volunteers to complete 35 projects in 48 hours. Hundreds of volunteers in the Lowcountry are gearing up to help out as event organizers reach out to local governments, schools and nonprofits to see where they are needed.

North Charleston food truck festival to bring 35 trucks to one place. The annual Charleston Food Truck Festival is set for its 11th event this month with a new location at Tanger Outlets in North Charleston.

North Charleston police welcome first batch of Puerto Rican recruits. North Charleston Police Department welcomed three new officers from Puerto Rico as part of its effort to build a better relationship with the city’s Hispanic population.

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