If you notice any bizarre typos in this week’s Weekend Round-Up, it’s because I’m writing it while I experiment with Four Loko for an upcoming column. Those circumstances made this the hardest round-up I’ve ever written.

Monthly Variations goes back one more decade this month; now they’re tackling the ’70s.

Get ready to howl at the Harvest Moon as the Halsey throws a party for current members and prospective ones.

The Charleston Rugcutters host a Thanksgiving Dance. I really hope some of them are dressed up as turkeys, or maybe they’ll try to right past wrongs by featuring Pilgrim-Native American pairs?

DIY it at the Charleston Craft Bee. Forget buying gifts; make ‘em instead. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Jimbo’s Rock Lounge hosts the Hoochie Coochie Art Show this weekend. The Real Estate Studio has Art of Pinar del Rio: The Reynier Llanes Collection, Alchemy Coffee presents the work of three School of the Arts students, and Peggy Howe Studio has the Some of Us Exhibit.

SOTA also has their WordFest this weekend. Meanwhile, Karen White will be here to sign copies of Falling Home.

Catch Winnebago Man in North Charleston. This guy needs to walk his fucking language.

See how the world used to operate at the Antique Tractor and Engine Show. Man, those were the days.

Maybe your goal in life is to be on The Amazing Race. You can take on any physical challenges, can speak five different languages, and have an amazing internal compass. But maybe you’re afraid of flying, so you’ve been forced to watch the fun from your sofa. Luckily, KanDo is hosting Charleston’s Mazing Race, a localized interpretation of the game show.

We celebrate the birthdays of our friends and family, so why can’t we celebrate the birthdays of our favorite bars? Market Street Saloon’s North Charleston spot is hosting a first anniversary party (by the way, they have great barbecue), while Molly Darcy’s is throwing a weekend-long grand opening party, complete with live music and a visit from the mayor.

And don’t forget to honor your next favorite tattoo shop: Iron Lotus is also hosting a grand opening celebration, which includes an art show, a photobooth from our boy BadJon, and food from Early Bird Diner.

And then there’s Taco Spot’s anniversary. Plus Slow Food Charleston is having a Potluck Dinner to finish up the year.

Face to Face Charleston hosts their Icebreaker Charity Benefit, the GullahGeecheeAngelNetwork hosts a fundraiser, and Caviar & Bananas has Friends Night Out.

This week’s oyster roasts include one for Charleston Community Sailing, one at the Noisy Oyster, a Rock N’ Roast, and the Trident Academy Oyster Roast.

The Stingrays take on the Gwinnett Gladiators and the Wheeling Nailers this weekend. I think our team has the best name.

Help out Wando High School’s athletics program at the Run with the Warriors 5K.

Even though it’s a week before Thanksgiving, the Grinch can still steal Christmas. Watch CBT’s version on Saturday and Sunday.

Theatre Marvelosa presents another weekend of ZEE HAT. Village Playhouse has Oliver Twist, and What If? Productions has The Songs of Sondheim.

The second-to-last Charleston Comedy Festival Stand-Up Competition round happens on Friday. Theatre 99 also has their Theatre 99 Improv Jam and Improv Riot.

Butch Anthony’s Museum of Wonder opens at Eye Level Art on Saturday, as part of the citywide Bluesphere exhibit. The artist will also lecture prior to the opening.

No matter what your kid tells you, all they really want for Christmas or Hannukah is a dog. It’s true. So go help out the Summerville SPCA. They’re holding their Howl-A-Days, and are looking for good homes for their pets.

With all the news stories about bullying and teen suicide in the news lately, Power Play could not come at a better time.

CrossFit Across Town combines exercising and sight-seeing. You’ll be the healthiest tourist around.

Lesesne Tour Company has started its Holiday Pub Tour. Because that’s what the holidays are all about: Drinking.

Pick something up for a loved one (or yourself) at the Crown Leadership Academy Holiday Market, the Holiday Market, or the Dorchester Seniors Craft Fair and Silent Auction.

Give gifts to your ears at the Sound of Charleston, Sacred Harp Singing, the Trippintones, the Celebration Organ, and the CMC Gallery Concert Series.

The Jazz Artists of Charleston present Etienne Charles. Or see Band Together: A Concert for a Cause.

Phew. Writing this probably took an hour and half longer than it should have. You better enjoy it.