Now that it’s the freakin’ weekend baby and you about to have you some fun, let us help with this round-up.

Friday Little known (made up) fact, the original title of Deep Purple’s hit was Smoke on the Water, BBQ in the Sky. If you want to see a BBQ throwdown that puts the rest to shame then Smoke on the Harbor BBQ is your jam.

Have you got some talent? I didn’t think so. If you want to see some actual performances head to America’s Got Talent.

Do you need a place to take your little hellions to distract them from asking for Christmas presents? The Family Fest offers fun for the low price of free.

Want to hear some harrowing tales of noble family jewels? Get your mind out of the gutter, we mean the ruby, sapphire, and diamond type. Pervert. Then Jewels of Scandal and Desire: British Jewelry, Country Houses, and Collections should satiate your costly needs.

Check out the surfer fashion show at Fallout on Folly.

Dusty Slay hosts another round of Homegrown stand-up at Theatre 99.

Saturday If you’re looking for some garage pop then Southern Femisphere with People Person & Dear Blanca is a great way to indulge in songs about mediocrity and self destruction.

Barcamp is back. Register to participate in the interactive conference for technophiles to digital artists to writers.

Celebrate the local art scene at Jail Break — appropriately at the Old City Jail — with performances and exhibitions.

Craft beer is great and all, but sometimes you want something lighter, easier to swallow, and hell consume more of — like PBR. Celebrate the working man’s brew with a mural unveiling at the Alley.

Rock-a-what? Rockabillaque brings together rockabilly music and antique cars in Park Circle.

Support the Stingrays as they take on the Everblades. Get it? Blades instead of glades. Those hockey players sure are punny.

Stop by Home Team in West Ash to commemorate seven years in business.

Sunday Missed the Stingrays game last night? Oh, no worries they’ve got another one today.

Park Circle Film Society is showing The State of Arizona about illegal immigration in — you guessed it — Arizona.

Sundays are also great days for oyster roasts, and Bowens Island hosts one for the the Charleston Center, Charleston County’s Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services.