Finally got set up at the debate at around 2. They put me in some random press room, at least 5 minutes’ walk from the building where the thing is actually happening. Of course, I’m the only jackass here.

2:13 – They kicked me out of the building I was in to do a security sweep. So I spend like 40 minutes outside in the heat. The CNN/Youtube Debate: Feel the Excitement!

2:20 – Crushed hope of the day #1, of which there will surely be many: I have a press pass, but not the press pass that gets you into McCallister Field House, the site of the debate. DE-NIED, as they say.

2:42 – They let me back in the building. Still no one here, so I steal a look at the place-names in my press room. Uniformly lame, except a guy from Playboy. Sweet.