Now that 2013 has arrived, the Wells Gallery is looking for a change of scenery. On Jan. 26, the 125 Meeting Street space is closing its doors and the remaining works will be moved to the Wells’ Kiawah gallery. While we’re sad about this because the Wells Gallery has been downtown for 20 years, owner Hume Killian says he looks forward to continuing the gallery’s tradition of displaying quality artwork on Kiawah.

And if you’ve been eying one of their pieces, now’s the time to strike. They’re offering a payment plan (10 percent down and monthly payments throughout the year) on all pieces in the downtown gallery, and some will even be on sale. If you’re a loyal customer, don’t worry. Killian says they will transfer all contact information and sales records to the Kiawah gallery so they’ll still be able to serve your needs.

Find out more at wellsgallery.com.