This is a missed connection. To the dude who stopped me as I was running on Saturday night – you know me, I’m the one who was sweating profusely/soaked by the rain – you made my night. When I went running in hot pink shorts, I did it because I wanted to be reflective and not get hit by a car. Little did I know that you’d stop me, as you and your buddies smoked cigars outside of your nice hotel. Were you getting married? Certainly looked like a bachelor’s party. Anyhow, it feels good to be told “I love you” by a random stranger. I figured you were just going to ask for directions or something. It felt a little less stellar to be told to “keep on bouncing.” What am I some piece of meat? Some jiggly piece of meat? Oh well, I’ll take it. After all, any attention is good attention, right?