The Haley camp is awfully quiet these days. Heck, they’ve been pretty doggone closed-mouth since Will Folks first went public with his claim that he had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Nikki.

So I was not surprised when a recent question to the campaign went unanswered.

See, I was struck by an claim in Wednesday’s P&C report on the Haley-Sheheen race. In that article, Nikki made the following statement:

“[Sheheen] cost the small businesses of this state millions of dollars,” Haley said. “I am a small business owner who knows how hard it is.”

Um. Correct me if I’m wrong — and believe you me, I’ve asked the Haley campaign to do just that — but it’s my understanding that the GOP gubernatorial nominee doesn’t own a business.

Yes, her parents own a retail shop in the Midlands — Exotica International. Plans were in place to close the store according to this press release sent out by Haley herself in 2008, but the store still keeps regular business hours and hosts trunk shows.

And at one time, her husband Michael reportedly owned a business. But I’ve never seen a single mention of any business owned by Nikki Haley.

Maybe I’m splitting hairs here. It wouldn’t be the first time. But if somebody could please show me what business Haley owns, I’d surely appreciate it. The Haley campaign, so far, has not done so.