Charleston family attorney Gregory Forman worries about what is happening to the definition of adultery. Expanding it will not make marriages more stable or partners more content, he says.

I married a few years before I moved to South Carolina or began practicing family law. When I married I thought I had a workable definition of the what the adultery that I wasn’t supposed to be having meant. I knew I wasn’t to have sex with other women. My wife wouldn’t have considered it a defense to adultery if my new partner was a man (though I hope she would have been extra surprised). And, while I generally admire our 42nd President, my wife and I would definitely have considered it adultery if someone did to me what Monica Lewinsky did to William Jefferson Clinton.

And while you are at the site, check out the video of Christine O’Donnell explaining the dangers of masturbation. Someone should organize a debate between O’Donnell and Woody Allen.