Nearly two dozen Charleston Margarita Festival competitors will shake up a varied concoction of tequila, citrus, and more in an effort to come out on top of the 2019 fest.

So, in an effort to help craft your Marg Fest attack plan, we’ve got a few questions that can help you get started.

1. Where do you prefer to get your sunshine?

A. A sunny pool deck
B. Folly Beach
C. Sullivan’s Island
D. On a quiet hiking trail
E. On a friend’s boat

2. What kind of beer do you prefer?

A. Lager
B. Hoppy IPA
C. Hefeweizen
D. Porter
E. Spiked seltzer, please

3. Pick a dog, any dog

A. Golden retriever
B. Boxer
C. Boykin spaniel
D. Australian shepherd
E. Yellow lab

4. What’s your favorite meal?

A. Breakfast
B. Brunch
C. Lunch
D. Dinner
E. Happy Hour

5. What are your plans after Marg Fest?

A. Grab one more close to home
B. No seriously, where’s the next marg?
C. Avondale?
D. Cocktail on Upper King
E. Friend’s house on Folly

Your Results


Mostly A: Classic

Nothing boring about a classic margarita. And you need yours perfect. Salt, rocks, just the right amount of citrus.


Mostly B: Spicy

You gotta love a spicy margarita. The salt is good, but you need the ice and the heat. Jalapeños? Fine. But how about something hotter?


Mostly C: Fruity

Many times, it seems like margaritas were meant for a little fruity sweetness. Light fruit flavors can help bring out nuances in your tequila and even let you make it a little more boozy.


Mostly D: Smoky

Honestly, how could anyone get enough of a smoky margarita? You get the sweet, maybe even a little spice, but tequila and smoke go together. Preferably, that combination occurs in your glass.


Mostly E: Wildcard

There’s no telling which way you’ll go. Sometimes you need it sweet, sometimes smoky. But always, you need it in your glass.

2019 Charleston Margarita Festival Competitors

Bohemian Bull

Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House

Coast Bar & Grill

Container Bar


Deco Nightclub

El Jefe

El Pincho Taco

Grumpy Goat Seafood Cantina Krazy Owls

La Hacienda

Lowlife Bar

Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

Ms. Roses Fine Food & Cocktails

Pink Cactus

Rebel Taqueria

Rutledge Cab Company

SOL Southwest Kitchen

Tattooed Senorita

The Shelter Kitchen + Bar

Wild Common