[image-1]It’s the most wonderful time of the year — tax free weekend is upon us once more, just in time to stock up on all the back to school essentials your heart desires. Everyone loves tax free weekend … but the term “check yourself before you wreck yourself” comes to mind — there are all kinds of loopholes as to what can and can’t be taxed. Check out below, where we’ve compiled the ABCs of tax free weekend.

Athletic Wear
You can stock up on all the socks, shorts, and T-shirts your heart desires without having to pay that pesky sales tax; but now is not the time to get any equipment; mitts, helmets, sticks, and pads are all still taxable purchases.

Bedroom Decor
If you’ve been looking to spruce up your bedroom, grab a new duvet, sheets, even bath towels, the time is now. Bathroom accessories and cookware, however, are not a part of the deal.

This one is tricky — computers are exempt from the sales tax this weekend, but only as a whole package deal. For example, a keyboard itself is not exempt from the tax, but a keyboard sold in conjunction with a computer is.

Fishing Boots and Formal Wear
Whether you’re trying to grab a new pair of fishing kicks or snag a prom dress, now is the time. Fishing boots — although not fishing gear — and prom dresses, tuxedos, and gowns are all exemptible, so long as they’re sold, and not rented.

Snag that new printer you’ve had your eye on this weekend, but don’t expect a discount on the ink cartridges or replacement parts.

School Supplies
Paper, pencils, notebooks, and binders are half the reason many shoppers even bother to make the pilgrimage to stores this weekend — and all these items, plus school uniforms, scout uniforms, and shoes, are tax-free. Take note that bookbags as used for school are tax-free, but backpacks used for hiking are not.

Weather Gear
Jackets, coats, ski gear, and umbrellas all fall under the tax-free scope, as well as towels of any kind (except paper), sweaters, and sweatpants. Stock up now for all the wild weather Charleston has to offer in the coming months — hurricane season is almost upon us again.