One of the scariest parts of Halloween is figuring out what you’re going to be. We’ve decided that the trifecta is funny, scary, and topical, and we have something for you whether you’re going solo, with friends, or with your boo.


I-526 Westbound traffic disaster
Something truly scary: re-living the Wando River bridge closing and subsequent traffic disaster. You have options for costumes: go in a button up and khakis with a clipboard for an SCDOT supervisor. Or, our favorite, get you and some of your friends, put on some high-vis vests and helmets, and group together to point and gawk. Bonus points if you bring cables as your prop.


Joe Cunningham and Katie Arrington
This is perfect for a politically conscious couple. For Joe Cunningham, wear a blue button-up (tie optional), roll up your sleeves, tousle your hair, and bring snorkeling equipment. For Katie Arrington, wear a boat neck blouse, a string of pearls, and a dark blazer or cardigan. Get bonus points for bickering and getting more hostile throughout the night.

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode from Halloween
While this is going to be a popular costume this year, it’s perfect for Charleston since it was filmed here. Take turns chasing each other around town, and for bonus points, stick to the locations the movie was filmed in.

Lindsey Graham
Wear a navy suit, a blue shirt, a tie, and comb over those blonde locks to become the Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. Put on your best southern drawl, insist “to the extent that it matters, I’m not gay,” and point when you get angry.

Food and Bev employee
Just off of your shift, still in your uniform, smelling like old grease and fish, just trying to get a goddamn drink before you go home and do it all over again. This isn’t actually a costume, is it?


Carriage horses
Best in groups, get a couple friends to dress as carriage horses, then have another friend dress as a tour guide, or even better, as the T-Rex that spooked the carriage horse. (Optional: when someone gets too drunk and lays down in the street, tell onlookers they didn’t overheat and aren’t too tired for extra authenticity.)

A gaggle of Bills
Who doesn’t love a Peter Venkman or Steve Zissou costume? But these are Bill costumes from yesteryear. For a truly Charleston costume, go as the Bill Murrays we know and love. Get some outrageous printed pants and go as Golfing Bill, add a party-crashing Bill, a cheering for the Cougars, and a RiverDogs Bill and you’ll have a complete set.