Here’s a new little daily feature we’re going to try to spin out there and see what happens:

• Vanessa Williams, our favorite TV b!tc&, to be honored by Human Rights Campaign.

• Florida voters are latest to take on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Didn’t Pamela Anderson get married in Florida a couple of times?

“We are already busy collecting the resources and building the campaign it will take to defeat this dangerous amendment. We remain confident that voters will reject this amendment once they learn it can take away existing rights and benefits from millions of Floridians. The benefits put at risk by this amendment include the loss of shared health care and pensions and the elimination of hospital visitation rights between unmarried Floridians.”

• Civil Unions are back on in Oregon.

• “Breakfast With Scot” preview is released.

• Alan Keyes blames Mitt Romney for gay marriage. We’ll just blame Mitt for everything else.• Today’s “No Comment” comes from Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel:[image-1]