Various local news outlets are reporting that the two men suspected in the murder of Jermaine Whitfield have now been caught.

Whitfield was shot and killed on the same night as Jermaine Wayman was wounded in a shooting. And while both men lived in North Charleston, according to one report, the two shootings took place three miles apart. A sizable difference. The suspects also reportedly drove two totally different models of car.

That said, WCBD had this to report:

Although both shootings took place close to one another and had young victims named Jermaine, North Charleston detectives say they are not related.

Now, while it would be within reason to suggest that the close proximity of the shootings might suggest that the two crimes are related — although a lot of ground exists within a 3 mile radius — suggesting a link between the two shootings based on the same first name of the two victims is rather goofy.

For some reason, I keep thinking about that scene in The Jerk where Steve Martin  wonders if a shooter hates oil cans.