So Charleston couldn’t support a gelato spot (RIP Modica), a Cold Stone Creamery (now a Five Guys), a Freshberry (seems busy), and a Ye Olde Fashioned (doing OK?) all at once, but somebody thinks we’ve got enough appetite for frozen yogurt that we can keep three yogurt shops afloat within a block of each other?

Yep, we noticed two new signs this week. One is Yogurt Mountain, which is being installed at 343 King St. in the old Tidwell’s Art Supply store. The other is 32 Degrees, a yogurt bar, coming soon to the old Norma May’s at 315 King St. In between them, on George Street, sits the bustling Freshberry, a “frozen yogurt cafe” that’s known for its eclectic array of toppings, from kiwi and strawberry to sprinkles and cereal.

Interestingly, Yogurt Mountain and 32 Degrees are both based in Birmingham, Ala. and they have a pretty similar concept.

Yogurt Mountain is a self-serve bar with 24 dispensing levers, 16 flavors, and over 50 toppings like fresh fruit, Cap’n Crunch, Butterfinger, and Gummy Bears. The yogurt is sold by the ounce, so everything is customizable — flavors, portions, toppings, etc. This will be the company’s third location. The other two are located in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

32 Degrees is also a self-serve bar and it has more than 50 toppings that “cater to regional Southern tastes” and 14 daily flavors of yogurt. This will be their fourth location. They have two in Birmingham and one in Louisville, Ky.

I’m not sure who got here first, but it seems like somebody needs to do better market research. Yes, it’s hot in Charleston, and sure, frozen yogurt is tasty, but three yogurt shops and one ice cream café within steps of each other? That can’t be a good business strategy.