Not too many things in life are a sure thing, but for storms over the previous two years, even as the state cycled through governors, deaf interpreter Jason Hurdich was there. But for Hurricane Florence, residents tuning in for updates have not seen Hurdich’s expressive, energetic signing for the state’s deaf community.

Where’s Jason?

Don’t worry. Hurdich is still in S.C., but he has taken his talents to Clemson University, where he says he’s been teaching.

Since he began to gain notoriety for his signing during emergencies, Hurdich has stressed that his work as an interpreter was geared toward members of the deaf community whose first language was American Sign Language. Since Hurdich was born deaf, he actually interpreted those press conferences by relaying signs from hearing able co-workers seated in front of him.

Hurdich says he’s offered to help out during Florence and says that he will be stepping in on a local level. And if you check his Facebook page, you can see he’s been passing on updates from other members of the community.