It’s your first week of classes, and you already have a ton of work. The sun is shining — and we mean, really shining — and sweat is pouring off your body any time you step out into the humid air. You need A/C. You need wi-fi. You need a place to do work. But most importantly, you need caffeine. Luckily, the peninsula has a plethora of places to get your fix, serving anything from covfefe to cold brew in a variety of atmospheres.


41 George St.


(843) 297-8685

If you’re a dinosaur fan, Tricera is for you. Sitting on George Street across from the Sottile Theater, this little shop is practically on campus and has a resident herd of plastic triceratops as well as a giant triceratops head on the wall. Oh yeah, they also sell a variety of coffee and waffles, and they aren’t stuck in the dinosaur age — they have wi-fi.

The Daily

652 King St.

(843) 619-0151

The Daily has a little bit of everything. This gourmet café sells coffee, juices, smoothies, breakfast, and all sorts of little grocery items. It’s a cross between a boutique corner store and a chic coffee shop — there’s no wi-fi, which makes this the ideal spot for reading your novel for that pesky English seminar. Not sold? You can also become an evil millennial strawperson by ordering avocado toast.

Revelator Coffee

550 King St.

(205) 224-5900

Inventive Birmingham-based chain Revelator’s King Street brew house is the spot for coffee concoctions with local milk. The bright and airy storefront also features comfortable seating, free wi-fi, and a top-notch vantage point for people watching, making this an ideal place to sit and work.

The Eclectic Café & Vinyl

132 Spring St.

(843) 202-0666

The Eclectic Café & Vinyl features four core strengths — great coffee, a wide variety of foods, vinyl records for sale, and a massive area to sit and work. Don’t pass up this great combination coffee shop, brunch spot, and record store.

The Bearded Café Express

121 Spring St.

(854) 999-1124

Coincidentally owned by two men with beards, the Bearded Café Express sits just around the corner from the Eclectic Café & Vinyl. The two owners serve pour over, drip brews, espresso, and cold brew using locally roasted King Bean coffee. It’s a pretty cozy establishment, with seating limited to a window-facing counter inside and several sidewalk tables, but the free wi-fi makes up for that.

Brown’s Court Bakery

99 St Philip St.

(843) 724-0833

Get some of that old Charleston charm —with modern wi-fi convenience — at Brown’s Court, which is tucked in a quaint historic house on St. Philip. Although cozy, there’s still a ton of room to sit both upstairs and on the porch. The shop serves up coffee and a massive selection of pastries. Snag a sweet discount during “Happy Hour” every day from 5 to 7 p.m.



I mean, you could. But why would you?