Campaign headline: Gresham Barrett can’t keep one foot in Washington and one foot in county GOP club meetings.

A story out today does the math on Congressional time cards and finds Barrett, a Republican candidate for governor, has missed more than a third of the votes the House has taken this year.

The campaign notes the delicate balancing act of running a statewide campaign and serving in Washington, but the numbers don’t look good when Barrett has missed 337 and the rest of the South Carolina delegation in the House has missed a combined 87.

There are some conservatives who don’t like the votes Barrett has made, so it makes me wonder why they’re bent out of shape that he wasn’t there to make more.

It’s a good one-time jab for opponents, but I don’t think we’re going to see this story as a persistent attack on the trail — that is, unless there is a pattern of missed votes over the years that can drag this out.

The real impact is that it takes some of the campaign’s focus off of South Carolina and puts it in Washington.