Gutter-country pros Whiskey Diablo not only have a new album in the works but a video to boot.

The band, joined by Drunk Couples and First World Problem, will celebrate the completion of the disc by filming a video at their upcoming gig on Fri. Dec. 4 at the Royal American.

Diablo’s sophomore album Gas It and See What Happens was recorded and mixed with Wolfgang Ryan Zimmerman and is getting mastered at Studio B in Charlotte.

The guys are having a good run of late considering they also sat in with BB King Jr., a.k.a. Lil’ BB, for a few songs during Rockabillaque on Sat. Nov. 14 and played as King’s backup band later that night at Loggerhead’s on Folly Beach.

While the busy band has yet to set a date for the video release, Gas It and See What Happens is due out in the spring of 2016.