[image-1]The White/Bogan Duo wants to take you on a special journey this season with the group’s acid Christmas special.

Keyboardist Ross Bogan (Sol Driven Train) and drummer Stuart White (Weigh Station) started up their spacey, instrumental venture earlier this year, and they aim to celebrate the holiday season this weekend with half a set of acid Christmas songs and another half of their own new material.

“Our originals have a lot of odd meter grooves, with Moog synth lead melodies,” Bogan says. They’re instrumental for now. I try to figure out ways to make these songs rock with two people.”

The show promises to be one trippy experience, with songs ranging from atmospheric to loud, fuzz-fueled rock.

“The Christmas melodies are kind of just thrown in here and there in one long, weird soundscape,” Bogan says. “It’s supposed to be like a Christmas ride where different music is playing different sections of the ride, but it all blends together anyway, on acid. I want people that can’t stand Christmas music to be able to enjoy this show.”

The duo will record a new album in February, but for now you can check them out at soundcloud.com/whitebogan or at the Royal American at 9 p.m., Sat. Dec. 19. Admission is $5.