You’re seeing it all over the internet right now, in particular on Twitter: the urgent pleas from folks urging anyone from talking about gun control.

Hell, even the White House is getting in on it. Just recently, White House press secretary Jay Carney’s told reporters that “today is not the day” to discuss gun control policy, according to Salon.

But let me ask you this, if today is not the day to talk about gun control, then when is?

I mean, do you actually think that any of these folks who are telling us right not to talk about gun control would have told us not to talk about the threat of terrorism on Sept. 11, 2001? No, they wouldn’t.

So, yeah, now’s a perfectly good time to talk about gun control.

Today is a day when the arguments used by the gun rights posse don’t work anymore. After all, do you think that anyone in their right fucking mind would argue — as the NRA crowd did after this past summer’s Aurora, Colo., shootings — that none of this would have happened if the victims had been allowed to carry handguns? If I have to explain to you why that argument is as fucking stupid then as it is now, then I feel sorry for you. Fuck off.

UPDATE: And the award for the first right-wing pundit to declare that concealed and carry laws would have prevented today’s horrible tragedy is … Ann Coulter.

Congratulations on your win, Ann. Congratu-fucking-lations.