8413/1243965179-whitty_cropped_resized.jpgPaul Whitty has been taking it in the face during Piccolo Spoleto. The local actor is in two plays that require him to be smacked on the right side of his head. In Sheep’s Clothing, he’s Luggs, an irascible and overweight high school coach who ends up getting in a fight with another gym teacher. Steven, played by Brian DeCosta, slaps Luggs on the cheek — a real loud wwhhaapp!

In Art (pictured here), his character, a nervous-nelly of a man named Yvan, gets caught in the cross-fire between two friends coming to blows. Marc (played by Paul Rolses) cuffs Yvan on the right ear. For about 20 minutes, Whitty comically holds a bag of frozen peas to his head, moaning about a burst ear drum. By the time we’re through the Piccolo, Whitty will have been manhandled about 10 times. So the next time you see him, wish him well. He’s been taking a beating. -JS