Looking for some interesting fare to help you recover from the near-devastation of Tropical Storm Andrea?

We recommend heading to the Wich Doctor out on Folly. Krista Hines tells us her ever-creative chef husband has added some favorite specials to the regular menu. First, there’s the sticky black pepper beef brisket with pickled green bananas on Chinese steamed buns.

Then there’s the chicken and waffle sandwich. Two eggo waffles are stuffed with fried chicken, granny smith apple slaw, and smoked maple mustard. Yowza.

They’ve also got a pizza special that sounds all kinds of crazy cool. Dried shad made into an Italian-style bottarga (cured fish roe) and dusted onto a pizza with a garlic oil base with capers, almonds, chile, mint, and a squeeze of lemon. What?

I don’t have a picture of that special, but Here’s another recent pizza special that will give you an idea of what their pizzas are like (ie. really fucking good). This one has speck, asparagus, garlic oil, chile, parsley, parmesan, and charred lemon.

Seriously. If you have not been to the Wich Doctor, you owe it to yourself to make a trek out to family friendly Folly and try this place out. A hidden gem worth your love and devotion.