Knockers. Jugs. Sweater puppies. Whatever you want to call them, few body parts are as talked about in our society as breasts, yet none are as misunderstood. In her new book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, acclaimed journalist and author Florence Williams takes her readers through a social and scientific exploration of an astonishingly complex and beautiful element of motherhood. And you’ll get a chance to hear her speak at the Charleston Library Society’s Wide Angle Lunch Series on Thurs. Nov. 1.

The series also includes talks with book reviewer Rupert Edis on Afghanistan: a Personal and Literary Exploration (Sept. 25), pianist Timothy Birendra Marthand on Bringing Bach to India (Nov. 7), University of Cambridge Peterhouse Fellow Professor John Adamson on King Charles I as Art Collector (Nov. 15), and Georgia State University’s Joe Perry on Christmas in Germany (Dec. 6).

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