Local Widespread Panic fans might want to start planning a winter road trip to Georgia. The band has a special two-night stint in the works in its hometown of Athens, plus a Valentine’s Day gig in Atlanta.

This year marks the 25th anniversary for Panic. To kick off “a year of joyous celebration,” the band announced two shows on the original site where they first performed as Widespread Panic 25 years ago. They’ll perform at the Classic Center in downtown Athens (on Thomas Street) on Thurs. Feb. 10 and Fri. Feb. 11. A additional Valentine’s Day show is set at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, as well.

The Classic Center opened on the same spot where the old Mad Hatter Ballroom originally stood. Following the addition of drummer Todd Nance, bassist Dave Schools, and guitarists Mikey Houser and John Bell decided on Widespread Panic as a name and performed their debut gig on Feb. 6, 1986.
The band will tour the Southeast in April as well, including two shows at the Civic Center in Asheville (April 8-9) and one at the Township Auditorium in Columbia (April 12).

More Widespread Panic 25th anniversary announcements are on the horizon. Visit widespreadpanic.com for more.